Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Monitor Does Not Display Anything And There Is A Long Repeated Beep Sound from The CPU

When you turn on your computer, the monitor does not display anything and there is a long repeated beep sound from the CPU.

If you come across this kind of problem, try to open the case of your CPU. Take a look at the memory module (RAM) installed on the slot of memory, which is usually called DIMM slot (To know the exact position of the DIMM slot, you can check it in your motherboard’s manual book or CD). This kind of problem usually happens when the memory module is loose. Pull it out and install again correctly and tightly. Close the case of your CPU and turn on your computer. The problem can be solved easily, can’t it? But, if what you have done above does not bear fruit, perhaps there is a problem in your memory module and you must replace it with the new one. The price of RAM is usually expensive, depending on the type and the capacity of the RAM.